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Monday, 26 January 2015

Design and Implement Your SEO Strategy for 2015 by Keeping These 4 Ideas in Mind

What an amazing year 2014 for Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!  From Google Panda to Hummingbird, the world of SEO has been struggling to adjust the algorithm changes while working hard to maintain their search engine page ranking. It seems that there is plenty of information-some from reliable sources-about how to do SEO in 2015, what are the important tips to remember while doing Local SEO. With that said, some of the true techniques recommended by the SEO experts in 2014 are no longer relevant, even no longer work. To get your Local SEO Techniques for 2015, mentioned below are 4 major changes you need to look when making and implementing your Local SEO Strategy in 2015.

Top SEO strategy, 4 Major factor of seo, Keep 4 SEO tips in Mind 

• The first and foremost step is to ensure that you’re targeting the right keywords. To improve page ranking, Keyword optimization is the most effective technique. But, one thing you need to remember is that overusing or wrong keywords make your campaign fail to return any worthwhile results. Overusing or wrong keyword is no longer a relevant Local SEO technique, Google pays more attention in matching the intent behind a user’s search query instead of matching the search terms to exact keywords.

SEO keyword reseach, Select target keyword for website

• Links are more important than content in having the search engine crawlers find and rank your website. We are well-aware of the proverb “Content is the king”, unique, relevant kind-is vital. Fresh, High-quality  and well written content can be used in various guest blogs that ultimately link back to your website, helps you in generating leads and sales, as well as on your web pages. Myriad of quality surpass tons of irrelevant links when it comes to page ranking in 2015.

Link your page to other page, Link building technique

• Another Local SEO Technique for 2015 that really works wonder is to put ALT attributes on the images of your web pages. To find the relevant text in your web page, ALT Attributes makes things easy for the search engines.

• Last but not the least, make sure that each and every page within your website is well-linked to one another. Search engine Crawler follows links within your pages to other pages within your website.

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