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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Focus on Website Development Process to Drive Your Business Ahead

In today’s scenario, a big snag of DIY websites lies in the lack of planning, by simply ”digging in” to one of these ‘develop your own independent platform’ you will of course get an online presence for your business quickly and conveniently, but is this enough if it makes a no or little difference to your bottom line? For this, you need a careful planning to consider who your visitors are, what they expect to achieve from your business website, what makes your website unique from other sites and what actions you want them to perform as a measurable result, i.e. email you, buy a product, and make a booking. Without any structured planning and careful designs, expensive reworking may be unavoidable when you search the site doesn’t achieve your business objective.

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In order to achieve your business goals, you just need to take some time before you dive in. This is where a professional eye can really make a big difference. Let’s take a look at the Website development process to give you an overview of the things you need to consider when developing a website for your organization.

•    Pre-Development
•    Content Planning
•    Content development and Testing
•    Launching the site
•    Pre/Post Launch Communication and Promotion
•    Ongoing Promotion

Pre- Development

Pre-development phase consist of consideration such as: registration of domain, web hosting, analyzing competitors websites, and deciding the main objectives and plans for the long run.

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Content Planning

Detailed analysis and designs that should be taken into consideration the needs of target audience of your organization and then create the designs and content accordingly. To drive your business forward,clear objective and careful planning lead to measurable result.

Content Development and Testing

Once the content planning has been built, this is where the coding of the websites takes place.

Launching the site

After testing the website carefully, this is usually a place to press the button and there you go.

Pre/Post Launch Promotion and Communication

Things to consider here are Search engine optimization (SEO), updating business stationery, promoting and branding the new site. This point should be take place in parallel with the earlier stages.

Ongoing promotions

Competitions, discounts, PPC, email marketing, offline marketing tool, and other promotional activities can play a crucial part here.

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