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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Important Tips To Improve Your Website Speed With the Help of SEO

Excelentcontent team has noticed many times that business owners don’t realize the speed of their website can have a powerful impact on their SEO efforts.Some time back, Google has announced that they will use speed in order to help rank pages for search results. This actually implies that in addition to ensuring you tick all the boxes in terms of SEO, you need to also improve your site speed to make sure that your site doesn’t suffer and new client’s are constantly driven to your website on a daily basis.

How to increase website speed, Important tips to increase website loading time with SEO

A slow website doesn’t only have a negative impact in terms of SEO, but will also negatively impact your user experience. Every customer prefers to stay on a website where pages are loading fast, especially with number of them now relying on the mobile devices and looking for services and products while on the move. You need to make sure you gratify the customer and search engine to achieve the maximum online results in terms of your page ranking.

It is crucial that you constantly monitor your website, ensuring it doesn’t take more than five seconds to load, which is the least acceptable speed.

Number of ways to improve your website

•    Reduce the number of HTTP requests

•    Take advantage of server cache in order to improving your user experience and ranking

•    Optimize your database with an index.

•    Remove tracking codes from your website to ensure success.

How to decrease loading time of website, Tops tips to Improve website loading time

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