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Monday, 16 February 2015

Number of Factors Behind Facebook’s Glory in India

Facebook- A name that takes you to the new virtual world (Ek nayi duniya)! You would be surprised to know that people aren’t that much enthusiastic for traveling to a new place or a new job, as they are while signing up for Facebook. It is rightly said:-

why is facebook so popular in india? why facebook is no 1 social site in India

“Welcome to Facebook” as if the Greek Goddess has come to our earth to welcome us with a red carpet right beneath our eyes to walk upon.

Giving you a freedom to enter into a completely new virtual world –Ek nayi duniya (as if you are “The Powerful God” here).

From countless controversies, an overvalued IPO (Initial Public Offering), the over ecstatic rise, the ups and downs, the huge user-base, and the world’s youngest self-made billionaire CEO make it one of the most attractive companies in this day and age.   

But in spite of all this, there is one definite question that pops up in everyone’s mind:

What are the reasons behind Facebook’s eminence in India? Why it is known as a renowned queen in India?

Do you know the answers of these questions? I am pretty sure that you don’t know the answers at all, read this blog to know.

Before brushing our teeth in the morning, the first and foremost thing that many of us do is unlocking our phones and check what everyone is up to on Facebook.

After so much research and hard work, we have been able to come out with the logical reasons as to what are the reasons behind Facebook’s glory in India

The Reasons of Facebook Popularity, why Facebook is No Site in India

•    One of the sufficient reasons for anything to be that makes Facebook a big hit in India- It’s Free, Free, and Free.

•     People get a chance to peek into other people’s life without breaking a sweat, a fundamental truth.

•    A much awaited- official platform “For making comments”  (this is something  we can’t live without)

•    “Girls Girls and Girls”…. according to guys, 99% of beautiful girls are either committed or married. On Facebook, this percentage happily falls down to 10% ( as per their relationship status on Facebook shows)

•    You get a platform where you can send as many request as you want, even if you don’t know the person. You comment on their not-so-drop-dead-gorgeous pictures( Babe, you are looking hot!) which is reciprocated by a thanks ;). Disclaimer: Don’t try this in real life

•    You get a way to stalk your ex and that too without even letting them know ( no other thing can beat this)

•    Stay updated about their favorite actor or actress, and also about the latest murder mysteries solved after when Daya breaks the door in CID jokes.

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