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Thursday, 22 September 2016


With number of messaging apps available nowadays, it’s quite difficult for user to select which one would be best- but what if there was only one app that could take the place of all of those? It’s time to meet Allo Chat.

Features of Google Allo Apps, All Facilities list of Allo Apps

Google Allo is the new smart messaging app launched by Google back in the May this year for iOS and android that helps you to find information, make plans, express yourself more in your chat. Like whatsapp, line, Allo is also simple to use, which is one of the biggest reasons of its popularity. The good thing about Allo chat is it’s built in feature of search engine. It comes up with Google assistant integration and uses the phone number as a foremost user identification method. For instance, if you are a lol or haha kind of person, smart reply by Allo chat will improve over time and adjust to your style.

One-on-one chat can easily begin with google assistant and by typing “subscription” you will get daily updates of stock price, news, weather, sports and so on at a designated time. In addition to this, users can find funny, hilarious, custom stickers and emojis catering to different users based on their region. Audio and video calling features are expected to “come soon”. 

All features of Google Allo Apps, Google Messaging Allo App features list

The Google is bit sure that Allo chat will take the communication to the next level as it allows people to express themselves more easily in chat when compared to whatsapp, viber and messenger.

We can’t wait much to say hello to Allo! The app will be available over the globe in the next few days.

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