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Monday, 20 February 2017

How to Make Your CV Attractive? | Top 10 Tips to Make Your CV More Impressive

Are you hunting for a job? Or do you plan to search for a job in the near future? Well, if it’s a yes, then please wait a moment, so that we can discuss the most important thing you should do before applying for a job.

how to write professional cv?

“Your resume is the first things that will let you, to set foot in the employer’s door.”

Yes, its resume; the backbone of your job in the competitive world. Thus, you must ensure that your resume speaks much better than any other candidates resume’s. So, how to make your resume attractive? Now, let’s focus on some major points to make your CV impressive and stand out:-

1.    Start your CV with basic of writing such as personal, contact information, education, qualifications, work experiences, and related skills. Don’t forget to add interest, hobbies, achievements, references if you have any.

2.    Clear, Concise and Clear are the 3C's to have a good CV.  Make sure you take the print on A4 size paper. Always make sure it is clean and well-structured. If your CV is presented carefully, it will bring you success.

3.    Keep it short and sweet. Employers would prefer not to read lengthy and uninteresting things of your CV. Pages of information, detailing everything about your life so far will make your application dead on arrival.

4.    Always keep your document up to date by adding the current information, skills or any achievement. Also, do mention at least two references in your CV.

5.    Use power words that demonstrate your accomplishments instead of your responsibilities.
It includes: managed, increased, initiated, launched, advised, influenced, upgraded, and so on.

6.    It’s recommended that you should go with 3 simple fonts: Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman.

7.    Giving closing statement at the end of resume shows great respect in front of the recruiter.

8.    Avoid including your photo, salary history and the reason you left your previous employment.

9.    Check and re-check your CV to make sure that there are no spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes.

10.    Last but not the least, chronological order matter a lot. If you make your CV in an order, it will become an eye-catching in the eyes of the employer.

Make a note of these points in your mind so that next time when you apply for a job you can save your time, money and expect a better result. Do not make your resume land in the “do not call” stack.

top tip to make cv attractive

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