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Friday, 24 March 2017

How to Control Your Temper , Tips to Control Temper

My temper, temper, temper! TEMPER! Anger is just a state of mind, the longer you stretch your moments of anger, the worse effect it would have on your own life. But how one responds to such temper? How one can control their anger? Ever thought about this? No, then this week, I want to share my perspectives with you on how to control your temper and inspire you to how you can rid of it.

Here are various proven techniques to control your temper:-

1.Remove yourself from the situation:  One of the best ways is, remove yourself from that particular situation. Walk it off, go for a drive, and keep your mouth shut.

2.Start Countdown:- Counting from ten to zero will help keep your anger under control

3.Talk:- It is always good to talk as much as possible during your happy and angry moments. But, make sure when you talk with someone do appreciate and understand your thinking.

4.Reduce the arousal: Stop thinking, breathe deeply, bite your tongue, and close your eyes.

5.Express your emotions: Let me throw an example for you, "I'm feeling very angry and highly annoyed right now. I'd like to calm down and discuss this later."

6.Release the energy: Punch a cushion or pillow, start the loud music and dance; kick anything (But, not the bedroom or any other door):P.

7.Start physical Activities: Lift, bike, run. Monitor your behavior and do something that works great for you.

8.Find humor in your situation: - This may sound cliché, but finding humor in the situation is the effective way to control your anger.

Practice these above mentioned techniques to control your temper.  Indeed, it will require determination to win over your own anger. But just think, the best temper helps make the best state and people, right? And when one is in his best state, happiness as well as success is even more possible.

After trying the techniques mentioned above and still, you are having difficulty in controlling your temper, then it is advisable to go for professional advice and guidance. There are so many best Counselors and medical experts in the industry who can understand your situation and recommend proper management of your emotions - and treatment if needed.

Do you know any other activities to control temper? Then, do not forget to share with us.

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read this post.

Wishing you lots of love and laughter... all day long!

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