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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Ultimate Collection of Motivational Quotes 2017| Top 50 Motivational Quotes

This is actually what you can do, to motivate yourself or someone, if there is no one around to pick you up, when you feel extremely low. Self Motivation Quotes in your everyday life is what you can use, just because you want to develop your own mind.

Let’s discuss the list of best motivational quotes, shall we?

1.    The Heights By Great Men Reached And Kept Were Not Attained By Sudden Flight, But They While Their Companions Slept, Were Toiling Upward In The Night.
2.    Wanting Something Is Not Enough.
You Must Hunger For It.
Your Motivation Must Be Absolutely Compelling In Order To Overcome The Obstacles That Will Invariably Come Your Way

3.    Don’t Wait For The People To Get Friendly With You…Just Show Them.
4.    Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try
5.    Patience And Time Are The Two Most Powerful Warriors.
6.    Life Goes On..The Three Ultimate Words Of Life.
7.    Be Proud Of Who You Are, And Not Ashamed Of How Someone Else Sees You.
8.    Never Put The Keys Of Your Happiness In Someone’s Else Pocket.
9.    Our Fingerprints Don’t Fade From The Lives We Touch.
10.    “Remembering That You Are Going To Die Is The Best Way I Know To Avoid The Trap Of Thinking You Have Something To Lose. You Are Already Naked. There Is No Reason Not To Follow Your Heart.” ~ Steve Jobs

11.    Challenges Are Gifts That Force Us To Search For A New Center Of Gravity. Don’t Fight Them. Just Find A New Way To Stand.”
12.    Push Harder Than Yesterday If You Want Completely Different Tomorrow.
13.    Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do.
14.    Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.
15.    Strength Is When You So Much To Cry For But You Prefer To Smile Instead.
16.    Money Is The Wealthy Man's Curtain Which Hides All His Defects From The World.
17.    Want To Know The Secret Of Life? “Keep Looking Up.”
18.    To Live A Creative Life, We Must Lose Our Fear Of Being Wrong
19.    "Good Things Come To People Who Wait, But Better Things Come To Those Who Go Out And Get Them

20.    Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People
21.    Don't Raise Your Voice, Improve Your Argument
22.    Blessed Are Those Who Can Give Without Remembering And Take Without Forgetting
23.    Your Problem Isn't The Problem. Your Reaction Is The Problem."
24.    I Find That The Harder I Work, The More Luck I Seem To Have
25.    All Progress Takes Place Outside The Comfort Zone
26.    The Road To Success And The Road To Failure Are Almost Exactly The Same
27.    Whenever You Find Yourself On The Side Of The Majority, It Is Time To Pause And Reflect
28.    If You Don't Design Your Own Life Plan, Chances Are You'll Fall Into Someone Else's Plan. And Guess What They Have Planned For You? Not Much
29.    If You Want To Make A Permanent Change, Stop Focusing On The Size Of Your Problems And Start Focusing On The Size Of You!

30.    Motivation Is What Gets You Started. Habit Is What Keeps You Going.
31.    "In My Experience, There Is Only One Motivation, And That Is Desire. No Reasons Or Principle Contain It Or Stand Against It.
32.    A Goal Is Not Always Meant To Be Reached; It Often Serves Simply As Something To Aim At." ~  Bruce Lee

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