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Monday, 22 May 2017

The Top 5 Best Restaurant in the World | List of Top 5 Restaurant in the World

We always have heard this popular saying,

“Food takes you right to a man's heart”

 Well, I believe that this is not true. For me, it is truly equal for everyone and anyone, but not just men!  So, when you want to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones, or your kid’s desire to experience a foodie roller coaster ride or you are bored to hit the kitchen, what do you do? Obviously, one answer to the above questions-you will search for the Best Restaurant In the World that takes you right to your men’s or women’s heart. To make your search easier, we are going to share the list of the best restaurants in the world that could result in severe hunger pains: P

Rangali Island Resort

1.Rangali Island Resort, Madlives:- Ranagli Island Resort deserves to be on the list of the very best restaurants in the world due to the fact that the food will be served under the water. Isn’t interesting? Yes, you read it right! Located 16 feet underwater, the entire space is protected in a transparent acrylic roof, which offers a wonderful view of sea animals and fish swimming in the Maldives' appealing waters. Only 14 people can reserve their seats in this restaurant, so you are guaranteed that you will experience an adventure when you dine at Rangali Island Resort.

2. El Bulli, Spain :- If something cool you are hunting for , then you can’t really miss the El Bulli, in Spain. Recognized as the "World's Best Restaurant in 2010", it is considered as one of the best luxurious places to dine. Apart from this, it has already been captured the award as the "Best Restaurant in Europe". I mean, it deserves a try from anyone and everyone.
La Mer, France

3. La Mer, France:- Another restaurants to be checked out is “La Mer”, located on Kalia Road, France. This restaurant deserves -Five star rating, due to its impeccable ambience and luscious dishes.  Every dish is perfectly prepared and gives a touch of “French tradition”, accompanied with a sauce that enhances the dish. You know, what makes this restaurant apart? Well, there is a dress code, which makes this restaurant different from other restaurants. 

Lers Ros Tha, San Francisco

4. Lers Ros Tha, San Francisco:- In the mood of trying exotic dishes for diners with a more adventurous tongue? If so, you must simply try Lers Ros Tha. Pad Ped Alligator is one of the exotic dishes here. Also, from the fried tofu to green curry, fried quail to beef salad, and not forgetting the house special frog, every dish is served in such a way that make a statement. I would definitely add this thing; hungry guests will like this place a lot. Why? Because, hungry people definitely enjoy the warm welcome and hearty meal that they provide.

Cavala, Goa

Cavala, Goa:- Last but not the least, consider eating at Cavala, Goa one of the beachside restaurant on Baga beach offering a host of continental, goan and seafood delicacies.  Those with a penchant to listen live music must visit Cavala Restaurant. The restaurant does not only offers great food, but also features amazing live music on every Wednesday and Saturday. Enjoy the wonderful dining experience at Cavala!

I must say, if you want to add "wow" factor in your lunch or dining experience, the aforesaid mentioned restaurant must be in your list.

So now, I want to hear from you: which restaurants you think are best in the world? Have you tried any of the restaurants on this list? Must share your views in the comments below!

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