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Sunday, 4 February 2018

What is Two Latest Updates by Google in 2018

Do you know the latest update by Google? No! Well, reading this blog till the end will give you the answer of the above question.

Google Map

Yes! Google Map! Google is all set to roll out the new feature on their Google Map. And, what’s that?  This is something a good news for the people who travel more. The new update of Google Map will make your journey less hassle-free and the benefits are as follows:-

Google Location Map

1. This new feature will guide you through every step of the new location, vehicle and ride time.

2. The update will tell you exactly when it’s time to get off from the vehicle, train or any other transport mode you are using.
3. As per excelentcontent, it will provide you the exact location where you are.

4. Above all, users will get live updates as they ride or walk on public trains and buses

Once this new feature of Google map rolled out to the application, user can see a start button at the bottom of the screen with all the relevant details about the last journey you had or how you can go to a specific destination. 

Google Assistant Update

In a recent update, Google assistant could get customized hotwords. In the last month, Google added support for the “Hey Google” in order to replace existing “Ok Google” hotword. This means, a user can easily change the potentially keyword to any word they want. Hey Google” and “OK Google “are the two predefined words from Google as if now. The same update applies on both Home and phones.  What else? Google also adds a voice-powered alarm function and makes it a bit easier to find music as well as shows with your Home devices. All you need to link your Netflix account with Google Home, and you are all set to watch any of the streaming platform’s shows with just a voice command.

Google Voice Assistant Update

All of the two above-mentioned latest updates are a great reminder for all the users of Google to know how powerful Google is and how vital it is to use them as one of the best search engine platforms.

I am sure that Google will be going to add some more new features within the next few months and you will be surprised to see what other update Google has in its store.

Now, it’s your turn! Do you know any other update by Google? If yes, please share with us in the comment section below.

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